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I can still remember that day in the mid 1980s so clearly!  Growing up with a mum who wore never even an once of makeup, it was a whole different experience sitting opposite my tiny, 4"11 1/2 inch (don't forget the 1/2 inch), but ever so glamorous grandmother, in the kitchen of her city centre pub, watching her prepare her face ready for evening service. 

I watched her intently as she applied her Lauder quad eyeshadow palette; carefully blending the colours together so there was no obvious transition between shades, marvelled at the difference created by adding just a touch of rouge to her cheeks, and mimicked unintentionally as she carefully applied, blotted, and then reapplied her lipstick.

This was my first makeup memory, and I believe the words she said to me all those years ago were somehow etched upon my brain. I have embraced her theory completely, and it has become the basis and ethos behind the majority of my work today.

"The truly best makeup application, is that which is so skilful that it can barely be seen"


Peggy Pizzey- aka Nanny Peggy (when I was 7 years old)

Helen Lee is a multi award winning makeup artist based in Maidstone, Kent, specialising predominantly in the bridal and wedding sector.

With 22 years industry experience, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of brides over the years get ready with what is most probably the most important makeup of their lives!

I thrive on the excitement and thrill of the wedding day morning, and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to be invited to be part of somebody's big day.

I have applied makeup to brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom, best women, women of honour, nannies, aunties, best friends and even the occasional groom- the list goes on!

I have held the Champagne, popped a cork, tied a cravat, pinned a button hole (I know the correct side!), transported the decorations, held up a dress, laced up a dress, tied a ribbon, entertained a flower girl and comforted a tearful mum- all subjobs that I see as the un-declared part of my role as bridal makeup artist.

As well as bridal makeup; which is my absolute passion, I offer makeup for special occasion and am also available for editorial projects."

Helen Lee makeup artist makeup application
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