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How do I prepare my skin for my wedding day? Advice, hints and tips timeline for brides.

I naturally get so, so many questions from my lovely brides to be, as to the best way to prepare for their big day. #weddingday #bridetobe #weddingworries

Good prep can make a pretty massive difference, and help to achieve the best possible result with regard to makeup and skin! #bridalskincare #bridalmakeup #makeupartist

Here are my hints, tips and recommendations for the months and weeks preceding the wedding, and the big day itself!

In the months running up to the wedding

  • Drink plenty of water! 1.5-2 litres a day is recommended. This will improve skin and can also decrease dark circles. Having a water bottle to hand can make all the difference, try the Hydrate tracker Water Bottle from Matalan to keep tabs on your water intake.

  • Look after your skin- I can’t stress enough how much difference this will make to the application and adherence of makeup! Cleanse, tone and moisturise: am and pm daily. Exfoliate: 2-3 times weekly. Mask: 1/2 times weekly. My favourite brands include Elemis, Dermalogica and Liz Earle.

  • Wear a sunscreen, or cover up to avoid unsightly tanlines! NB. spray tans will not not cover tanlines and can even make them look worse due to the tan clinging to pigmentation- be careful ladies!

  • If you think you may want a spray tan for the big day, it is best to have a trial with the same therapist that will be doing the pre-wedding treatment (this tip also applies to eyelash extensions). Consider trying a gradual bottled tan such as Dove Dermaspa Self Tanning Lotion or St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion for a more natural look.

The week before

  • Try not to use any new products (including hair and bath products) the week before the big day incase of a possible reaction.

  • Facials can be fab to prep the skin, however I would recommend a treatment no closer than 5/7 days before the wedding day, especially if it is a deep cleaning treatment.

  • For brides deciding upon a spray tan, I would always suggest a light tan 2/3 days before the wedding day for the most natural look, and to help decrease the chance of transfer onto the wedding dress or consider a gradual tan (see above).

  • I recommend any facial waxing (eyebrows, top lip, etc) is done at least 5/7 days before the wedding, just incase of bruising, burns etc- this may sound scary but I have unfortunately seen this occur many times. Threading or plucking can be done closer to the date- up to 48 hours before, as these options are less invasive.

  • If you have chosen to have eyelash extensions these should be applied 48 hours before the wedding day, as I will need to wipe over them with water on the wedding morning to remove eyeshadow fallout.

Tips to make the wedding morning run smoothly

  • Add names to your hair and makeup rota to make sure everyone knows their time slot. This can be particularly helpful if you are getting ready at a hotel or venue where members of the wedding party may be moving around into different rooms.

  • For best makeup results makeup should be done in natural (but not direct) sunlight. If possible, an area near to a large window or patio doors, with a table or surface for me to set out my kit works best.

  • Delegate a member of your bride squad to look after your lipstick and translucent powder (as recommended at your trial) for touch-ups throughout the day.

  • To avoid ruining hair or makeup after application, gowns (or wide neck or button up tops) are essential for Team Bride! Etsy do an amazing and affordable range!

  • Discuss with your wedding party how you would like their makeup to look prior to the wedding morning. Ladies who have not had trials may like to save images of the makeup styles that they like as inspiration, and either show me on the wedding morning or discuss with the bride to send to me in advance.

  • Ladies who have not had a trial may also like to have a lipstick or gloss with them, so they are able to top up their makeup throughout the day.

  • During summer months heat can be an issue, particularly if the venue does not have air-conditioning. If it looks likely to be hot, ask the venue if the can provide additional fans (most have a few stashed away!), or hand-held fans can also be surprisingly effective. I have even seen brides hire in air-conditioning units!

  • I allow plenty of time at the end of the morning (once I have finished makeup application) for final touches. I will also apply everybody’s lipstick/ gloss at this point, so that the whole wedding party are free to eat and drink without worry.

  • Straws can come in handy though after I have left, to make sure lipstick stays in place.

Lastly and most importantly…. Enjoy your day!! :)

I really hope that this has answered questions for at least a few brides to be?!

Any other questions or advice needed then I'd love to help- please comment below!

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