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HUDA Nude Palette Review- is it worth the hype?

So firstly, I am MEGA excited about my first ever product review!!! #newblogger #makeupblogger #newbie #beautyblogger #bridalmakeupartist

I've chosen a product that was very eagerly anticipated by the beauty industry, from one of my most favourite ever brands!!

When I first saw the HUDA Beauty Nude Palette advertised, it was tbh an immediate given that it was going to be on my shopping list, I mean hello, what's not to love?!!

Working in the bridal industry predominantly, the majority of eyeshadows I use tend to be on the "safe spectrum", and although I LOVE brands like HUDA, Jeffree Star, Limecrime etc etc.... many of their products are a little too strong colour-wise for the average bride looking for classic bridal look :(

HURRAH however, as this palette offers the best of both worlds!! HUDA but nude?! #huda #makeuppalette #hudanude #hudabeauty

Wearable colours that I will use over and over again, and don't feel any guilt about adding to my kit, plus there's the bonus of some AMAZING shimmer and glitter shades too!

It was a win, win situation for me :)) #everyonesawinner #hadtobedone

I actually went on a waiting list to order, as I was pretty sure (and right as it turned out!) that it would sell out almost instantly.

I ordered the palette from #feelunique

Going off track slightly for those of you who haven't heard about it, their (free of charge) Platinum Membership is definitely worth looking into! You are able to choose 1 brand as your "brand for life" (which actually can be changed from time to time) - I chose Huda, and you get a 10% discount on that brand every time you shop! You also get a 20% discount on your birthday and rewards vouchers to spend on anything on the site :) Follow the link below for more info:

I have also recently taken out their unlimited next day delivery plan which is just £8.95 for the year.

Anyway... back to the palette!

I have owned this now for around a month, so please excuse the fact that it's not in pristine condition, but I wanted to include lots of images of swatches, so that you can see the shades close up.

  • Bare- pale ivory, matt

  • Crave- iridescent light gold shimmer

  • Play- light peachy coral, matt

  • Fantasy- dark gold shimmer with pink

  • Love Bite- mid tone purple, matt

  • Spanked- raspberry, matt

  • Lace- lilac/pink, matt

  • Daydream- pink shimmer with silver

  • Tickle- rose/berry, matt

  • Excite- berry glitter

  • Infatuated- rose glitter with gold

  • Kinky- rose gold/berry shimmer

  • Concealed- eyeshadow base cream

  • Secret- brown/ rose, matt

  • Tease- mauve, matt

  • Raw- warm brown, matt

  • Charmed- rich bronze shimmer with pink

  • Teddy- soft brown, matt

My favourite shades are definitely:

Play- I have never seen a colour quite like this before- just beautiful and can be worn as a transition shade or even alone

Charmed- soooo pigmented and rich.

Lace- this one you would expect to be a true lilac, but actually comes out more pinky on application.

The matt shades are soft and very easy to blend- there is literally zero fall out with these either, which makes my job a whole lot easier!

The shimmers are great too- these MUST be applied with fingers rather than a brush to get the real pigment from the shadow.

The two glitters are fabulous too, and are a really good addition to this otherwise nude palette.


The box itself is cardboard- to be honest I always find this a little disappointing (especially with a price point of £56), as in my kit bag the packaging does get a little bashed around, however I guess on the plus side it makes it lighter than a palette in a metal or plastic container?!

There's also all a good size mirror in the lid :)

How did I rate it?

All in all, for me this palette ticks all the boxes, and is very versatile; perfect for day makeup, but also with shades that can easily transform this into an evening look, and suitable for all skin tones.

Please see my scores on the doors below:

Value for money 4/5 (it really is worth it, especially if you can get a small discount- see above!)

Packaging 4/5 (love the design, weight and mirror but not sure how well it will last)

Quality of product 5/5 (creamy, zero fall-out, intense pigment)

Use-ability 5/5 (versatile, suitable for day or party looks, will suit all skins)

Overall Score 5/5 One of my favourite palettes of all time! Go out and buy it- you’ll love it!

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